Chryssie Whitehead


Chryssie Whitehead  has worked in all arenas from Broadway currently in CHICAGO as Go to Hell Kitty and Velma understudy, the Rockettes to film as an actor, dancer and singer in numerous television shows as guest star/ recurring roles, leads in musicals and commercials. 

Whether you are a novice, a theatre major graduate or a professional needing to spice up your career, Chryssie will consult you on working in the industry and offers guidance on the following for an hourly or month to month rate.. No matter where she is in the country, Chryssie will be available for communication by email, video chat or phone.  

It's a managerial role only she doesn't take a percentage of your jobs booked, rather an up front fee including guidance with...

*AUDITION SUPPORT before, during and after when needed

*WEBSITES (creating and/or updating/editing)

* COACHING for auditions, as well as for regular practice (also monthly)

*ONCE a week phone call consultation (monthly)

*CALLS BEFORE AND AFTER AUDITIONS to access your mind set and how you felt it went (monthly)

*BRAINSTORMING on everything you can be doing for your career that is in your control

*24/7 ON CALL(monthly) with a guarantee I will get back to you within 5 hours, unless it's an audition day. However, week nights I am unavailable from 7-11pm (Eastern time) 


   *REELS (creating and/or editing)

*WARDROBE (auditions for dancers, singers and actors depending on the genre)
Fashion guidance looking your best

*TUTORIAL (work in television, film, theatre and commercials)


"There is no one correct path to having a successful career,but the more you are on top of things professionally, the more you will represent yourself in a classy way. This is deeply appreciated by your representation and/or casting offices. 

As my manager used to say: “Your job is to audition, not to book. Booking is out of your control, but auditioning and being prepared is.”

Everyone knows in this business that Nothing is guaranteed, but you might as well give it your all and know that you gave everything you could that was in your control.

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